Sunday, August 30, 2015

The Journey Continues

The decision to start this blog was in response to my two daughters request that I gather my art together in one place.  That in itself has been a journey and although I may have procrastinated a bit – with their help and encouragement I’m happy to share this wonderful passion of mine with you through this blog.  I sense this new season of my life will look much different than the pockets of time I was able to devote to art in the previous 30 years. 

As I think about how I got started, I want to acknowledge the very generous unexpected gift of art supplies and lessons from my mom 30 years ago.  I fell in love with painting from the very first class and my mom was one of my biggest cheerleaders!  I attended a handful of classes and started painting independently when my mom gave me an envelope filled with photos of pictures she wanted me to paint.   And so my art journey began.  It’s taken twists and turns, it’s been fun, hard, frustrating and wonderful all at the same time.  I have a lot to learn and can’t wait to see what’s next in my art future.  

My desire is not to accumulate a shelf full of paintings but to use this God-given gift to create art that blesses and encourages others, along with sharing the beauty of the world God created.  I love transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary and reminding people of the places they have been, the people they have met, and the truly remarkable world we live in.  

These were three of the first paintings for my mom!


  1. Oh! What joy! ❤️ Love your heart and your paintings!

  2. I have one of Carol's oil paintings for many years now, and I know her hearts desire is to share God's beauty, inspiration, life and the gift of art HE has given her. Her painting has given me even more all these years. It has given me peace and rest away from the hectic pace of the world, and because Carol has God's heart and spirit I also recieve His caring and abiding love for me whenever I look at it. Carol thank you for sharing God's love to me through your heart, mind and hands. May God use your gifts mightly to touch others. Larry